A Publisher Perspective

Building a Better Programmatic Advertising Business

Learn how your business compares against the industry in this programmatic publisher survey report

In our most recent Publisher Survey Operative found that 81% of publishers are leveraging Programmatic Advertising - from open exchanges to private auctions. But just because programmatic is widespread doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s working well. In fact, Operative found that programmatic is rife with serious problems.

Publishers report low CPMs and heavy manual labor, making today's programmatic business not very profitable or even very efficient for most publishers.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about these key topics:

  1. Building a Better Programmatic Advertising
  2. Business
  3. Set Up To Sell
  4. Waiting for the Revenue
  5. Programmatic Is Not Automatic
  6. A Custom Approach Can Pay Off
  7. Finding a Profitable Future

You can also watch the webinar replay from February 9th, 2016.

Key Survey Findings

  • Most publishers are still earning 5% or less of their digital revenue from programmatic advertising.
  • Despite current issues, many publishers believe that both exchange traded, and private or premium programmatic, is the future of their digital advertising business.
  • Less than 30% of publishers optimize programmatic revenue sources in any automated way.

How are Publishers Building a Better Programmatic Advertising Business?