Hear firsthand from Operative experts how best to manage the programmatic exchanges for maximum return.

How to Navigate Programmatic Exchanges to Increase Revenue


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It's time to take back control of your programmatic inventory.

Join us on September 22 for an in-person workshop that will provide you with actionable ways to manage your programmatic business for maximum return.

The event will be led by Operative programmatic experts Adam Hecht and Kiernan Collins.


Topics will include:

  • AdX
  • Header Bidding
  • Pricing Floors
  • The Role of the Waterfall
  • ...and more!

You'll also hear from NBCUniversal and CBSi about their current programmatic strategies, pitfalls they have encountered and how they successfully manage their exchange partners.


Hope to see you there!



Before Operative, we had so many partners running that I couldn't get the data I needed to optimize our indirect sales campaigns. The Operative Compete team has become a great resource for me to be able to successfully maintain and manage our yield partners.

Vicky Hsu
Bauer Xcel Media