Learn how the newest generation of programmatic technology offers a better way to mine the market for new ad dollars and a more efficient process for purchasing ads.

"Programmatic 2.0: Moving Broadcasting Toward Advertising Excellence" explains:

  • How programmatic technology can help recast traditional unit-based inventory for audience-based buyers at higher rates
  • Why programmatic is ideal for inventory that’s hard to sell
  • How to create hyper-personalized packages for clients using programmatic technology
  • What broadcasters can do to reach new ad dollars

  Find out how  fox-tv-logo.png noted a 40% increase in bookings coupled with a 13% increase in ad revenue. 



"OnBoard is very exciting because it creates a unified sales model across all platforms. No matter where an order gets created, you can have it run through the OnBoard framework and use it as your ad sales solution that's consistent across all buyer types. You don't have to use programmatic ad tech that has been historically pushed on you in the past.
You can set up OnBoard.

-Lorne Brown
President, SintecMedia

“By 2019, programmatic TV ad spend growth will have grown so rapidly that spending on traditional TV advertising will decline for the first time.”