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Partnership Makes 605 DRIVE available to Operative AOS Customers to support advanced, cross-screen planning

January 4, 2023 08:30 AM 

NEW YORK--605, a global leader in television and cross-platform measurement, planning, analytics and attribution, announced a partnership with Operative, the preferred business management solution provider for media companies worldwide. Under the terms of the partnership, Operative will offer 605’s DR1VE product to AOS customers to power their linear, digital and converged ad planning and sales.

With 605 DR1VE, Operative customers get access to real-time inventory availability and rate card pricing information to generate media plans. The tablet-based interface delivers a streamlined workflow and self-service capabilities for media companies and local markets to generate and optimize media plans. 605 DR1VE will be integrated to work in tandem with Operative’s AOS solution to automate workflows from planning through billing, enabling customers to streamline their operations internally and externally with their customers, while also significantly reducing their operational complexity and costs.

Responding to demand for more open and interoperable workflows across the ad ecosystem, the partnership will ensure a seamless data flow from 605 DR1VE into AOS, Operative’s next generation ad operating system, which unifies and converges assets across all content verticals and platforms, supports multiple measurement types, and automates workflow from the point of creation of an executable media plan back to billing.

“In combining our portfolio with Operative’s technological expertise, existing Operative customers can now leverage 605 products to plan and optimize their inventory in real time from a unified, cloud-native platform,” said Kristin Dolan, CEO and Founder of 605. “As audience fragmentation continues to grow, we are excited to embark on an industry partnership that allows for greater platform interoperability and will enable inventory owners to better identify, buy, and execute audience-targeted orders at scale.”

Chief Commercial Officer of Operative, Ben Tatta, added, “With 605 and Operative, linear and digital customers get a unified sales solution that provides real-time access to audience attributes and inventory information across channels. This next-generation offering gives media companies a more streamlined approach to sales, operations and optimization."

About 605

605 is an independent TV measurement and analytics firm that offers advertising and content measurement, attribution, planning, optimization and analytical solutions including a new media trading currency to allow willing buyers and sellers of media to transact. 605’s multi-source deterministic viewership dataset measures 34 million households across over 200 U.S. markets and offers whole-home TV viewing visibility by combining the best attributes of set-top box and ACR data. 605 is unique in that its dataset supports 100 percent deterministic audience measurement at the household level while being reportable second by second with proprietary projection methodologies, all in a privacy compliant manner. To learn more, visit https://605.tv/.

About Operative Media

About Operative Operative makes advertising work for media companies. Hundreds of the world’s top brands rely on Operative’s family of solutions to automate digital and linear revenue workflows, streamline ad operations, and deliver audiences & outcomes to their buyers. Processing more than $50 billion in annual advertising revenue, Operative unlocks the full value of media. For more information visit www.operative.com.

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